Pi Network Free Mining Popular Project One π coin is worth about $3 to $10, and will continue to rise in the future
A new mobile mining software for mobile phones. The project team members are all from Stanford University. The three founders, Dr. Stanford and Professor, are now in the first stage of mining and can obtain relatively high returns. The overall project background and prospects are still good. This type of mining does not have to waste traffic or waste batteries, as long as the income is received after 24 hours of circulation to continue mining.

Currently at 0 cost mining, similar to bitcoin, miss 2009 bitcoin and don't miss the 2019 pipcoin, for the Facebook Libra project

First: download the appdownload the app
Second: install the app

Third: register an account, Register an account with facebook or phone number,

Enter qiushan196 in the invitation code

qiushan196 is me, if you want, please let me be your referrer

Fourth: Activate the account
I registered with a phone number, so I use the phone number to activate my account

Fifth: Please remember to activate your account once every 24 hours, otherwise you will not be able to get pi

Note: After three days of registration, please unlock the safety circle, click <ADD AN ENPXSISTING PI USER>, please do not select <unvertified phonen umber>, they may be zombie users.